Josh Meillier
i dont understand this world

Minneapolis artist Josh Meillier will present new paintings and installation for this special year-end exhibition at Space 369.

Space 369, Dow Building 2242 University Ave. Saint Paul MN 55114

Public Reception: Friday, December 8th, 7-9pm Artist talk: Sunday December 10th at 2pm Exhibition runs: December 8th to December 10th

Space 369 is an alternative, non-commercially funded, arts project space located in Saint Paul. This exhibition is made possible through the support of the Knight Foundation.

RedGreen / Blue Yellow

Bobby Anspach, Haven Butler, Allyson Church, Julianna Johnston, Dennis Krawec, Brian Oakes, William Samosir, Zoe Schlacter, Victoria Stadlin, Kalina Winters, Renee Yu Jin, Amelia Zhang, Zak Ziebell

A Chimerical Color is an imaginary one, sitting outside of our range of vision, triggered by fatiguing the cone cells in our eyes via steady exposure to certain types of light. Attempting to visualize an impossible color has long been a surefire failure: a reminder of our perceptual limitations. Can tech, or art for that matter, propel us past these limitations and offer up a prosthetic future?

The works in this show promise transcendence through technological interfaces. When these simulations fail, we’re confronted with a state of confusion and uncertainty - surrounded by glowing artifice, broken promise, spurts of euphoria, and hum; sitting in the space between the after image and whatever comes next.

Works like Bobby Anspach’s Space for continuous eye contact reach this euphoria through a multi-sensory bombardment. The meticulous assemblage of LED light, polyphonic sound and rainbow pom poms culminate in an artificial spectacle, an engineered phenomenon. Once the lights dim and the music fades away, the lack of stimulus is just as deafening.

Kalina Winters constructs a rival, yet analog system in Internet Pal. Channeling the methodology of a glitch through oil paints as if Eden was farmville and farmville had a virus, this work and others in the show create a perceptual purgatory where logic slips, thresholds merge, and the overheads short-circuit, showering us in iridescence.

Curated by Lee Pivnik, for Space 369 and FRI-ENDS

FRI-ENDS is a migratory platform for sharing contemporary art from emerging artists. Directed by Jake Sillen and Lee Pivnik, the group blends traditional exhibition models to exist somewhere between a gallery, a collective, and an artist run space.

Opening Reception: Friday, November 10th, 6-9pm
Public Hours: Saturday November 11th 1-3pm & Saturday December 2nd 1-3pm
Open by appointment
Exhibition runs: November 10th to December 3rd

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A huge THANK YOU to Knight Foundation

We at Space 369 are excited and grateful to be Knight Arts challenge grant recipients, which will support our continued programming for 2017, and directly support exhibiting artists.